Compatible USB-C Power Adapters

For proper operation for kits with the USB-C power port, a power delivery (PD) adapter capable of delivering 20V, at a minimum of 2.25A (45W), is required for Advanced PSU Kits and a minimum of 1.5A (30W) for Basic PSU Kits. Most USB-C PD adapters sold are usually rated for 60W- which is more than capable. Just make sure it shows 20V as an output.

DO NOT try to use a USB-C 5V phone/tablet charger. It will not work.

Here are a few examples of compatible adapters sold on Amazon:

Advanced PSU Kit:

Amazon Basics 65W Single-Port USB-C PD power adapter (affiliate link):

Basic PSU Kit:

Amazon Basics 30W Single-Port USB-C PD power adapter (affiliate link):

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