Important Update – Battery Packs and UN/DOT Regulations.

TL;DR – Modular Sound will not be providing a battery pack due to UN/DOT regulations.

According to UN/DOT regulations related to Li-ion battery transport, all companies who ship Li-ion battery packs must meet certain regulations to ensure safety while in transport. To meet these regulations, certain packing procedures must be met, paperwork must be provided when requested, and battery assemblers must have their battery packs tested and certified. Regardless of using official battery cells (from Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, etc.), regulatory authorities place safety confirmation on the completed pack- not the individual battery cells. Despite the fact that the battery packs designed and used in the MPC have been safe and properly constructed; continuing to pursue the process of assembling, selling, and shipping battery packs before any type of certification would violate the regulations. Getting the required certification is an expensive and time-consuming process. As a result, Modular Sound will no longer offer the battery pack as a component nor a “full battery kit” at the moment. But…

There are no rules or regulations in building your own battery pack. For this reason, all information and tutorials pertaining to building battery packs will be provided on the website as an open resource. There will be a list of recommended 18650 battery cells and battery management system (BMS) boards. A video detailing the step-by-step process will be uploaded soon. While this process does require some technical skills, soldering skills, and a basic understanding of power electronics, the process is not difficult- and you will be saving some money by building the battery pack yourself. This won’t be a problem for you DIYers. For those of you not as confident, you probably know someone who can help.

All of the other circuitry that was designed to replace the original power supply will still be for sale. New package options and prices will reflect the changes.

For those who were looking forward to a complete kit, I am truly sorry. Know that I searched for other possible solutions before resorting to this.

Thank you for your understanding.


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